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Talking Cannabonsai with the PV Official Podcast by Platinum Premium Cannabis

Had the pleasure of stopping by the PV Official Podcast a few months ago to talk cannabonsai. George and his son Cody started this company from the growing side and it was dope talking about living soil, compost, and how I got into this. They’re also both avid snowboarders so it was chill talking about that a bit too.

Side note –They weren’t tagged but Manny from @cannabonsai_Manny and the duo behind @Cannabonzai were definitely my inspiration for giving this ago and who I had in mind when I mentioned influences. The entire tribe of my fellow cannabonsai nuts continues to inspire me as well and I think one of the things I’ll be posting on here is highlights of other people working on cannabonsai.

Back to the podcast... It was funny to see how dead the Humboldt Seed Organization Fast OGKZ (aka the mystery plant) was and how it bounced back since. The moss is thriving (in the spots the fertilizer avoids) and the plant is much happier. I’ve set her up to fill in over the coming weeks and can’t wait to see this lady shine.

The main thing I did to bring her back was lighten up on watering for two weeks so the medium dried out, aerated the roots with a fine metal spike, and mixed organic aloe powder in my water (2 TBSP / GAL) when I did water. I wasn’t sure about the aloe and moss so I soaked this in a bucket rather than top water.

More recently it was showing nutrient deficiencies so I’ve been micro feeding it vegetative (higher N) nutrients, giving her teas to keep the bacterial and fungal “microherd” happy (especially after the intentional dry periods), and of course using water soluble mycorrhizal fungi concentrate in my waterings intermittently.

Big question now is… should I flower this lass?

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