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Simple Notion Template Cannabis Grow Journal & Seed Organizer

Organize your cannabis grow with my Notion cannabis grow journal

The other day I was organizing my seed collection (cannabis seeds last a while if stored correctly in the freezer) and starting a few new plants when it occured to me I needed a better way to organize my grow. I decided to spend a weekend cooking up a weed plant journal on after I noticed there was thread on Reddit asking for one. The Notion cannabis plant journal & genetics organizer was born. 



What's inside?

I wanted to keep it simple and easy to use, but also cover the basics. Since Notion organizes information based on heirarachy, just like a website, the guide is set up this way as well. 

The cannabis plant journal & genetics organizer is broken down into five pages:


Where you track your current grow and plants. This could include clones, mother plants, cannabonsai, whatever is popped and growing in your cannabis garden. 


This is where you can log any genetics in your collection. Includes info like genetic makeup, date acquired, and more.


Sometimes I need a spot to take quick note and jot down ideas when growing or working on cannabonsai projects. This is a multi-use space for whatever you may need to take note of.


While clones can live in the general “The Gang” page, this extra clones page is designed for someone taking several clones and wanting a bit more organization with them.


Every plant eventually ends up smoked, composted, or in the trash. This page is designed to keep track of past projects, both successes and failures.

How to use this template

After purchasing the template, simply log into your account (or create one) and copy the template into your own account. From there any modifications you make will be saved on your copy. That means you can add, remove, or modify my template however it would best suit you.

If you end up finding it useful as well, please leave a review for others, and if you find something is missing or would like a new feature added please let me know!

Happy growing!

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