You are currently viewing Simple Cannabis Plant Journal & Seed Organizer Notion Template

Simple Cannabis Plant Journal & Seed Organizer Notion Template

Cannabis Plant Journal & Genetics Organizer Notion Template

The other day I was organizing my seed collection (yes, cannabis seeds last a while if stored correctly in the freezer) and starting a few new plants when it occured to me I should make a spreadsheet to track things better.

Starting dates, flowering times, nutrient schedules, it’s all a lot to keep track of without a good system, even on smaller personal grows. 

I had poked around in Notion (really cool app btw) a bit and found some of their templates helpful so I decided to spend a weekend cooking up a weed plant journal on after I noticed there was thread on Reddit requesting such a template.


The Plant Journal & Genetics Organizer was born

After that, I added in a seed catalog and shared it with a few grower friends. They all really found it useful and encouraged me to put it up for sale. I didn’t want to charge for it but we settled at $4.20 after some back and forth 

If you end up finding it useful as well, please leave a review for others, and if you find something is missing or would like a new feature added please let me know!

Happy growing!

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